We are a Sydney based digital agency specialising in digital design and development. We do websites, social apps, iPhone and iPad apps, WordPress, bespoke web apps and anything else vaguely digital. We’re a small friendly agency who love to collaborate with clients to find a solution that ticks all the right boxes.

Design + Development

It’s Design + development, not design vs development – the combination should be a symbiosis. When we design we have dev in mind and when we dev we’re true to the design. When there’s a disconnect, time is wasted and work suffers and noone wants that. 
Design is not just making things look beautiful. Design is UX. Design is communication. It’s emotional but grounded in practicality and with very real goals in mind. A good designer works with devs throughout and, even better, has a good technical knowledge.
We don’t let our nerdy side get the better of us. The development should showcase the design and vice versa, but the development should get out of the way and let the user do their thing. The user doesn’t care about WordPress, node.js or AJAX – they care about the experience.

Constantly Learning

We’re always learning. We learn by collaborating. We learn from client feedback, user feedback and post-campaign analysis. The digital world is in a constant flux and we try to roll with it. We challenge ourselves not to do the same thing twice and to embrace new technologies and unusual client requests. That’s where the fun is.

Meet the Bots

Mardi Cavana

Mardi Cavana

Creative Director

Mardi is designer with over 15 years experience. She was Creative Director at an award-winning agency before founding Neon Robot with John. In a previous life she was a print designer but she doesn't like to talk about that. Mardi spends 85% of her life in Photoshop and thinks that the people she sees in there are real. She's also crazy about her two cats. The cats are indifferent.

John Cavana

John Cavana

Technical Director

John is a nerd. John's also worked at award-winning agencies and applies his skills to all things tech: frontend, backend, architecture and speccing. He also used to be a designer which can drive Mardi crazy. John spends most of his working days with his noise (Mardi) cancelling headphones on and Spotify cranking. The cats like to sit on his laptop at every given opportunity, usually while he's trying to work.

Scout & Boo

Scout & Boo

Art Directors/Office Pests

Scout and Boo are the official mascots for Neon Robot. Scout is a friendly tabby who likes to sleep on the job, most often cuddled up to Mardi while she's trying to work. Boo is a black and white menace who likes to sleep on the printer or John's laptop and has a knack for wreaking havoc while walking across keyboards. Mardi often finds her photoshop layers deleted while John will find his laptop shutdown.

Our Mad Skills

Digital Design

We like to get our design on – creating something that not only looks great but also nails the design challenge makes us happy bots.

Web Development

We dabble in jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, responsive sites, Google Maps API, .NET, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL, WordPress.

Social Apps

We like extending your brand through to social media and can create a variety of solutions for your campaign across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Responsive Design

Making a robust site to suit a number of devices is not only a must these days, it gives us some nerd maths to get excited about.

iOS Apps

Quite simply, we love making apps. It’s finger tapping, brain busting fun and we strive to spend more of our days in this space. We’d love for you to join us there!

CMS Solutions

Need to manage your own site with little fuss? We can create a WordPress or .Net solution to suit your budget and requirements.

Get in Touch

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