I GOT THIS HAT is a picture book about those things you put on your head!

The I Got This Hat app puts these hats at the fingertips (and heads) of the readers and allows them to create their own hatty masterpieces and tell their own stories in the style of the book.

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A Companion Reading App

The digital extension of I GOT THIS HAT puts children in charge of this charming story about the wonderful world of hats. With the book’s quirky illustrations at their fingertips, kids can put together their own unique hats, generating all new pages to read and enjoy.

The app encourages kids to engage with themes of places and professions. Not a passive reading experience, children are now in control of the wordplay and the pictures, as they explore the world through the playful medium of hats.

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Hat Making in HD

The bigger canvas of the iPad gave users an enhanced experience using the app. The gorgeous illustrations we bigger and there was more room to play with when building a hat. To reward users further we offered more hats in the library of elements that were not featured in the book.

A chef hat, an astronaut’s helmet, a wizards hat and a colourful jester’s hat all make an appearance in the HD version of the app. A happier, hattier experience for readers!

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