An interactive and fun approach to Life Insurance

Real Insurance approached us to create an interactive and engaging Life Insurance eBook that would take users on a journey meaningful and relevant to their specific needs. The key focus was to be able to deliver informative content around Life Insurance in an interesting way and address questions most commonly searched on the internet.

In order for this to be achieved, the audience needed to be segmented and specific messaging created for each target segment aligned to their buying motivation. The segments to target were singles, couples, families, empty nesters and single retirees. Once a user selected their gender and relevant segment they were taken to a full width, scrolling story with illustrations and content specific to their needs.

The project was to be primarily a desktop application but creating a mobile friendly version for users was also key. The desktop version features a full width design with css animations for modern browsers. The mobile version was stripped back  with more simplified animations and a focus on easy digestion of the information.

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